Who needs Drug Treatment?

The right answer to the question "Who needs drug treatment?" is the person who can't quit using drugs on their own. The individual who has made repeated promises, who is experiencing damage from their drinking or drug use but continues to use - these are the people who need drug treatment. If loved ones continue to believe these empty promises, it may mean that the addicted person will then have time to overdose on drugs or have a serious car accident while drinking. In short, many times the family of the addict will have to make the decision to seek out drug treatment for their loved one, as they may not be able to think clearly enough to do so for themselves. The right answer to the above stated question very seldom comes from the individual who needs drug treatment. An addict cannot think about drug treatment when they are obsessing about how to score the next fix of to keep from being sick. To most addicts being able to get the drug that will allow them to function for another day, is as important as their next breath of air. Even when they can see the destruction being caused by drugs, they may not be able to reach out for drug treatment on their own.

Too many people are unaware of just how serious the drug addiction problem is in the United States, and the number of individuals who need drug treatment. The following facts and drug addiction statistics are intended to provide a window into the sheer scope of the issue of addiction and substance abuse in this country.

  • Over 24 million U.S. residents age 12 or older are currently suffering from addiction, yet only 10% of these individuals will receive help from a professional treatment facility.
  • 24% of all 10th graders have used marijuana at least once in the past year.
  • Over 6% of all Americans aged 16-25 have engaged in non-medical use of prescription drugs in the past month.
  • Every year, over 20,000 individuals die as a result of illicit drug use.
  • In the past 20 years, the number of people with drug addictions in the United States has skyrocketed by over 500%.

A person needs drug treatment when they have lost a job, a relationship or other opportunities due to their drug addiction. Loss of all kinds is common in drug addiction, but sometimes the loss of a relationship or a job can be the wake-up call that your loved one needs to convince them to receive drug treatment. Businesses are becoming more aware about the various costs associated with employees who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction. These conditions left untreated cause many expensive problems for business and industry ranging from lost productivity, injuries, and an increase in health insurance claims. The loss to companies in the United States due to alcohol and drug-related abuse by employees totals $100 billion a year, according to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

An individual, who has driven under the influence of drugs and alcohol and may have hurt someone else physically, needs drug or alcohol treatment. By driving under the influence or caring for dependents while intoxicated or high, accidents can happen, accidents that can be debilitating or deadly. If this has happened even once and your loved one continues to use drugs and alcohol, then he or she needs to get professional help at a drug treatment center. Using alcohol and other drugs carries risks. Alcohol and drugs can impair your judgment, making you more likely to hurt yourself or others.

An individual needs drug treatment when their health is in danger due to their drug use and yet they continue on the self destructive road of addiction. Excessive or extensive use of drugs and alcohol causes damage to every system in the body. It may only be a matter of time before your loved one is affected by serious health problems due to their drug addiction. If they continue using drugs despite these health risks, then he or she may experience a drug overdose and may lose their life to the addiction. Seeking drug treatment is a much easier option than risking long term physical damage or even death, but loved ones may have to help the addict to see this clearly. The health dangers caused by drug abuse may be temporary or permanent, and they may worsen with increased frequency and extended use. Alcohol and drugs also have specific health risks: they can damage major organs increase your risk of cancers, or they may experience the worst risk of all-a deadly drug overdose.

Drug treatment is needed when an individual experiences withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking their drug of choice. Withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable physical or mental changes that happen when the body is deprived of the alcohol or drugs that it is accustomed to getting. These could be mild withdrawal symptoms like irritability and headaches or severe and include bone and muscle aches, nausea and vomiting, even seizures or convulsions. Withdrawal symptoms are indicative of addiction. Drug treatment for withdrawal from alcohol or drugs may require a medical professional to be present. A drug and alcohol treatment center is the best option for overcoming withdrawal symptoms and to recover from drug addiction.

Drug treatment is needed when an individual has attempted to stop taking drugs on their own without success. If someone tries to stop drinking or using drugs, it's a clear admission that their use is excessive. If they can't stop for any length of time or if they rationalize a return to getting high, then it is an even clearer sign that they are dealing with a drug addiction. This can be a great opportunity for loved ones to support the individual in obtaining treatment, as they have already admitted that they have a drug problem by trying to stop on their own and being unable to do so.

Drug treatment has helped thousands of individuals ever year get off drugs.

In 2006, 4% of individuals were admitted to drug treatment for cocaine powder.

While alcoholism and drug addiction is a dangerous and deadly problem claiming thousands of lives every year, there is effective treatment available.

Most drug treatment centers have a success rate of 2% to 20%.

In 2008, more than 27% of individuals who were admitted into drug treatment were admitted for alcohol.

More than 9% of the American populations (ages 12 and up) needed drug treatment for and illicit drug or alcohol abuse in 2007.

In 2007, 45% of homeless individuals who were admitted into drug treatment reported to injecting themselves with drugs prior to the drug treatment.

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