Holistic Drug Treatment

Holistic drug rehab is centered on the belief that addicts, above all, are people - people that need and deserve treatment for their entire body, mind and soul. In addition to standard treatment elements such as drug detox, the comprehensive holistic approach can include things you might not associate with rehab such as acupuncture, healthy changes to your diet, spiritual counseling and meditation. Holistic drug treatment offers a program that addresses the four major effects of drug abuse and drug addiction: physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. Traditional drug treatment centers primarily provide the basic services to treat the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug addiction and a secondary psychological treatment to help the addict to learn relapse prevention techniques. Holistic drug treatment programs, on the other hand, go much deeper than this, offering an extensive, multi-faceted drug addiction treatment that treats the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms. Holistic drug treatment facilities understand the importance of the mind, body and the spirit in curing drug addiction problems.

In years past, drug addiction treatment centers have focused primarily on treating the psychological aspects of the disease of addiction, while neglecting to address the delicate inter-connective balance of the body, mind and spirit. Many individuals who enter into a 28-day treatment program receive education about their addiction and are helped through the withdrawal process. Then there may be a little time left to barely scratch the surface of the issues that underlie their addictive behavior. In many of these short term drug and alcohol treatment programs, individuals are then introduced to programs such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous). After treatment, clients are the encouraged to attend meetings, often daily for a certain length of time, and then weekly for the rest of their lives in order to stay sober. In holistic drug treatment, individuals learn to deal with the reasons they used drugs and alcohol and reorganize their lives so that reverting back to addiction is no longer a viable option.

The wisdom of Western Medicine is that if you have a symptom, treat it. If a person has a headache they take a pill to alleviate the symptoms but never determine the root cause of the headache. The Holistic approach to medicine and treatment holds that human beings have a body, a mind and a spirit. These elements of the human being are intertwined and exist in a delicate balance that determines positive or negative physical and mental health. The holistic method respects this balance and approaches treatment with the understanding that in order to achieve positive results this equilibrium must be restored.

Before anything else, a holistic drug rehab will address the physical aspects of addiction, such as detox and withdrawal .Lots of sleep, water, and healthy foods and natural supplements are characteristic of a holistic drug detox. Holistic drug rehabilitation aims to rid your body of toxins and guide an individual toward addiction recovery while addressing any and all underlying issues that may have led them to addiction in the first place. Holistic drug treatment centers treat you as a whole, caring for your mental health, as well as your physical, emotional and even spiritual needs. In holistic drug rehabilitation treatment centers, you will find many of the same components of more traditional drug and alcohol �treatment centers such as drug detox, group and individual therapy, and round-the-clock medical care; however, holistic drug treatment centers offer many services that traditional drug treatment programs do not.

Here are several important facts about Holistic Drug Rehab that you should know if you are considering this style of program:  

  • Holistic drug treatment can be used to recover from many types of addictions, including addictions to drugs and alcohol.
  • Counseling and group classes play a crucial role in traditional drug treatment. Just because the holistic approach involves non-traditional methods for recovery doesn't mean that proven-successful treatments are not utilized as well. Those enrolled in a holistic care facility can expect to get help through individual and group counseling, along with self-help programs.
  • Yoga and Tai-Chi sometimes play roles in holistic programs as well. In addition to helping the individual become more physically fit, the Eastern-based disciplines also provide a proper balance between mind, body and spirit. When one achieves this balance, they are much more likely to respond well to treatment for the drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Holistic drug rehab emphasizes calmness. The life of a drug addict is very often filled with stress and chaos. A great deal of anxiety and nervousness stem from the long term physical effects of drugs, as well as the constant search for the next "high". The holistic approach to long term drug or alcohol treatment reintroduces peace and calm into the lives of the recovering drug addict, helping them see things more clearly as they put the broken pieces of their life back together.
  • Holistic drug treatment sometimes introduces elements of massage, mindfulness practice, meditation and other relaxation techniques into the recovery process.
  • Holistic drug treatment approach includes a focus on diet and nutrition, specifically improving the diet as a means of strengthening the mind and spirit - and consequently improving the individual's ability to make it through holistic drug treatment successfully. By improving nutrition, the holistic approach hopes to restore the brain to its highest levels of functioning.
  • The removal of negative thinking and negative influences from the individual are at the core of many holistic drug treatment programs. The absence of these negative things helps clear the way for a drug-free life.

Holistic drug treatment centers are already present in vast numbers across the country. Countless clients are enjoying the advantages of healing their drug addiction symptoms by enrolling for the services provided by these holistic drug and alcohol treatment centers. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, holistic-style drug and alcohol treatment is an outstanding way to strengthen the entire individual, and master the tools necessary to move forward towards a drug-free life.

In 2008, $3.244 billion was used on federal spending on substance abuse treatment.

Around 2001 people between the ages of 50 and 59 needed drug treatment within the last year.

$3.566 billion was used on federal spending on substance abuse treatment in 2010.

In 2007, more than 75% of the homeless individuals who were admitted into drug treatment were male.

1.3 million individuals received treatment for the use of both alcohol and illicit drugs in 2008.

9,691 homeless individuals reported injecting drugs into themselves prior to admission into drug treatment facilities, in 2007.

In 2007, more than 10% of the American population ages 12 and up received treatment at a special facility for illicit drug use or alcoholic problems.

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